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BXL Mooncake Box

In the ancient time, moon cake is a tribute for people to worship the Goddess of moon at the Middle Autumn Festival. Gradually, people consider Middle Autumn Festival and tasting mooncakes as a big symbol of family reunion. A mooncake symbolizes the reunion of all family members, people eat it as a festival food or a gift to friends and relatives.

There are many stories about moon cakes and Middle Autumn Festival. The widely known story is the Goddess Chang's fly to the moon. The creation came from this story background. We designed a greenhouse surrounded by the running rabbits and it flys to the moon. The rabbits represent the Goddess Chang’e. The acrylic greenhouse is in transparent luxury blue with the white frames, it looks refreshing and elegant. The rabbits around the greenhouse turned into a cloud in the wind, lifting the greenhouse in the night sky, flush with the moon and overlooking the night view of the earth.

Opening the greenhouse and sliding out the inner tray, there are 4 moon cakes on the loose cotton, it looks like the moon cakes are flying in the sky. Each unit carton has a different shape of foil stamped moon, it expresses that the moon will wax and the moon will wane. When we turn on the LED lights of the greenhouse in a dark room, the entire box is transparent, shining and bright. It seems we are seeing the beautiful cities in night sky, the fantastic vision from moon to the earth.

The handbag is transparent PVC material with leather belts and metal handles. The greenhouse can be a piece of artwork to decorate our lives, the handbag could be a real luxury bag to be hold in our daily lives. The value of this creation is that the whole packaging is sustainable and can be re-used after eating the mooncakes.

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