Skincare PR Gift Box Design

We combined the Chinese New Year red color and screen, and based on the brand streamlining concept, we introduced a design solution that could both fit the brand concept and have the depth of Chinese traditional culture.
The exterior of the product is a simple red lantern shape; the color scheme uses the classic Chinese red and the brand's usual white color scheme. The interior is full of Chinese illustrations to achieve the contrast of simplicity inside and outside. In addition to the screen concept, the illustrations also use traditional Chinese elements of landscape, flowers, and birds.
The craftsmanship of the special paper printed with a sense of texture in a special color Chinese red, and the high-grade red rope with a sense of velvet, through the contrast of materials, reflect a sense of streamlined yet advanced design. The interior space has been planned to the most reasonable state through the calculation to reduce the waste rate of space.

We are a packaging design and manufacturing company mainly focusing on the Cosmetics, Jewelry, Wine, and Luxury industries, offering sustainable customized packaging worldwide.



skincare gift box  design1
skincare gift box  design3
skincare gift box  design5
skincare gift box  design2
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