Qingyan Journey·Travel Set


Project: Qingyan Journey·Travel Set

Brand: BXL Creative Packaging

Service: Design

Category: Skincare


On the day before your departure for traveling , when you pack your luggage, you may find that it is not possible to to take everything with you since there is limited space, you have to leave something behind. It is hard to choose. In fact, you can go to the cosmetics shop to buy a small kit including some basic skincare products. Many big brands have launched small sets of skincare products and gift sets suitable for travel, such as body lotion, face serum, cream, sunscreen, and facial masks. Having a wonderful trip, you can carry a light-weight pack with this light travel makeup set. You will have also a light mood alongside your way.


During the trip, the weather will be fluctuating, sometimes dry, sometimes cold, and your face would have symptoms such as tight, dry and greasy. Various skin problems follow: wrinkles, tightness, peeling, cracking, dark yellow and rough, etc. This is the skin calling for help: I am so “dirty”, “thirsty” and “exhausted”, I need to be cleaned, repaired, and moisturized! Based on the need, this travel-oriented skincare product set that has multiple functions came out. It looks like a suitcase, which echoes the theme of traveling. With small version of daily-used skincare products inside, you don’t need to carry a lot of bottles and jars, which makes your travel much easier. It also is suitable as a gift when it is exquisite and meaningful.


In every trip, we not only set off with a freewill mood, but also the skin care cosmetic bag needs to have a freewill romance. From this perspective, the designer uses simple graphics to illustrate the scenes during the journey, convey a brand appeal of simple and lightweight. The outer packaging adopts a notebook design, and the inner boxes adopt brighter color match, which is elegant and lively. A travel calendar is added to the front page to record the skincare conditions during travel at any time. In order to enhance a better user experience, the inner boxes for different skincare products are designed as pieces of puzzle, which adds a lot of interactivity and fun on the road. Take a Qingyan travel set with you and have an easier and pleasant traveling.

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