L'Oreal royal golden supplement cream PR Gift Package

In the early stage of launching this product, celebrities will help with the promotion, so the first thing to consider when designing the package is how to attract and impress users visually and tactilely, and highlight the product's selling point.

According to the demands of the customer and based on brand value, BXL Creative established a project service team for L'Oreal and flew to Shanghai several times to hold seminars with customers. They conducted In-depth creation of this product, focusing on three design perspectives: tactile, consistency, and proportion.


Good packaging design work must make people want to touch and buy. Based on the value of high-end people, the designer refined the design keywords: high-level sense, quality sense, intriguing, unique, exquisite, display effect.

The main product of this PR gift box, the honey mini jar, uses precious Manuka nectar to highlight the selling point of the product visually.


Excellent design work should be clearly distinguished, and the inner packaging and outer packaging should be in a proper proportion.

The shape of the outer boxes is mimicked from beehives, echoing and highlighting the high-performance characteristics of the product, enriching the visual effects with details, and reflecting the refined aesthetic orientation of the product.

Palace style, brilliant gold color, sleek arc shell packaging, the surface of the gift box contains a force of expectations. The interior adopts high-value products and meticulous design: a pattern designed with honeycombs combined with Manuka flowers and honey, combined with lighting for the best display effect.

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