L'Oréal's Age Perfect Deluxe Skincare PR Giftset Packaging Design

In the early stage of launching this product, celebrities will help with the promotion, so the first thing to consider when designing the packaging is how to attract and impress users visually and tactilely, and highlight the product's selling point.

According to the characteristics of L'Oréal's target customers, intellectual, independent, exquisite, high-quality, and loyal, BXL established a L'Oreal project service team, held several creative brainstorming seminars, and finally decided to design this PR gift box from perspectives as high-end, low-key, luxurious, and unique.

The designer chose to start with the structure, material, color, pattern, and other aspects, let the purchasers enjoy "luxury" and this creative packaging brings extraordinary effects.

Full of sense of technologyThe texture of truffles and the cut feeling of diamonds are combined to create an exclusive visual symbol. The packaging designation uses a tiled pattern, which is like a truffle bursting on the packaging. The overall vision is mainly focused on the truffle mask. The bursting truffle and Pro-Xylane combine to create a sense of black technology.

Light luxury style, black gold color matching, and the diamond-curved shell packaging contains a power of expectations: the gift box is cleverly designed to open from the middle, and when opened, it is like pulling the curtain from the center of the stage, this truffle mask shows up in the central role.

Diamond-shape structureThe cutting surface of the diamond is combined with the truffle by the mosaic technique, and the elements are gradually reduced as a metaphor to the effect that embracing the function of the night, activating the cell, and fading the imprint of time.

The packaging structure is inspired by the diamond cutting. After opening the packaging, the visual effect looking downward is also the shape of a diamond, enriching the visual effect with specific attributes, and perfectly expressing the product connotation.

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