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Kunlun Chrysanthemum Package

Kunlun Chrysanthemum is positioned as a high-end tea drink, inspired by Kunlun Mountain’s pure and clean atmosphere.

The chrysanthemum has been favored by ancient Chinese literati, for its blossom in late autumn, defying coldness, regarded as a symbol of loneliness, elegance, and arrogance.

The overall box is covered by white, just like the characteristics of Kunlun Mountain. This box structure has different display effect after rounds of design improvement: progressive ladder structure when it’s opened, signifying positive attitude, combining intelligent technology by using LED lights and frosted film material, creating sparkling lighting effects through hollow graphics, as if flowers are blooming.

In addition, this box is a intellectualized design, which can be reused as a home lighting or a storage box by charging, sense of touch and class elevated by use of starlight film; the inner box is in black color, which forms a strong contrast to outer box, exposing the product inside in the form of hollow patterns; product’s refineness is embodied by use of sustainable paper, embellished by foil stamp.

The whole design is clean and concise, providing much more surprises. The box’s opening has a strong sense of interaction with consumers, and it can be repeatedly displayed and reused.

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