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Camera Style Mask Box

The design is inspired by the camera. As we all know, the camera is the time freezer to keep all the beautiful moments. All women want to keep their beauty and a mask is a method for them to keep young and beautiful. From this aspect, both the mask and camera are a kind of freezer to keep all the beautiful things. This design is made based on this concept. The designer makes the structure a camera to emphasize the product property and make the box more creative.

Another ingenious part of this design is the hollow round window which is similar to the lens of camera. From the round window we can see the mask jar inside.

Inside the box, the part for masks is like an ancient folding fan. When we take out masks, it feels like taking out a picture from the camera, which makes the structure more interesting.

With interesting imitative camera structure, designers show product functions in a unique way. We believe the diversity and specificity of this product will appeal to more consumers.

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