My Cup of Tea


Project: 7-days Leaves

Brand: My cup of tea

Service: Design

Category: Tea


The LOGO design idea:

The concept of one cup of good tea every day, coupled with the brand name of "7-days Leaves", presents consumers with the trending product.


The packaging design:

From the current consumption up-gradation background, we need to embrace the new generation with innovative thinking and innovative design. Therefore, BXL Creative designers chose a bright color matching, corresponding with the brand. The front of the box is divided to form a freehand 7 form. The overall packaging is minimalist and bright, concise but not simple.


Take the selected green tea as an example:

The dark green in the retro style fits the attribute of green tea. The color of dark green gives people a low-key and calm feeling. The color of coral-orange is like a finishing touch, avoiding over dark, old-school but lively.


Rose tea and black tea use color matching in line with the hue. The two complementary colors bring great visual stimulation; the black and high-purity coral orange color matching is the most eye-catching one.



Ms. Song Ru, the founder of My Cup of Tea, said that the whole process has 24 procedures, a very sophisticated operation. Each procedure is well considered for retaining the tea aroma while erasing the impurities.



7-days Leaves has established strategic cooperation with the tea research team from Anhui Agricultural University, and the two parties jointly supervise the production, endeavor to break the traditional process, and create competitive products. A cup of tea that has a combination of fine aroma and taste will be perfect and enticing. The tea leaves are from Mount. Huang located at 30°N.


Selecting technics:

The tea adopts the M.O.S.T international standard advanced technology system developed for many years by the Anhui Agricultural University tea research team- 100% raw leaf low-temperature water extraction.


Focus on the taste:

Extract 10% of the tea essence from the original leaves and no additives. It retains the original tea aroma, the clear and bright soup color, and the fresh taste rich in tea polyphenols and amino acids, finally realizing the real "tea essence."


3 seconds brew:

With the help of M.O.S.T advanced technology, it can be dissolved in water in only 1 second; consumers can have a cup of fresh iced tea in 3 seconds, or DIY fruit tea or milk tea at will.

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