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Kingfisher Lipstick Clutch


Inspired by ancient Chinese jewelry-dot emerald craftsmanship, embellished with feathers from kingfishers, dot emerald jewelry is gorgeous and exquisite, once popular in the ancient palace, especially the empress dowager Cixi.

The packaging uses dotted emerald patterns, plus the color matching of malachite green and musk gold, reflecting the retro noble sense; a touch of emerald blue feathers and four brightly colored Kingfisher revealing the care for ecology and nature; besides, handbag design is rare on the market.

The works present exquisite oriental art in a modern way of expression, like a gentle and classical beauty who has traveled through a millennium, raising her hand to embrace fashion, graceful and gorgeous without losing the sense of fashion.

Court dramas are in trend; the Forbidden City’s garage Kit becomes popular on social media; traditional Chinese brands switch to  "palace-style,‘’ which young people love it, and set the trend again, especially in Beijing, Hebei and other places, court culture is particularly respected.

The design of dot emerald handbags is in line with the aesthetics of Chinese young people. Whether it is a modern decoration or classic display, it can stand out and attract consumers' attention.

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