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Yuyan Bamboo Extract


Exquisite creative packaging design

It has been thousands of year’s history since human use plants for skincare or treatment of skin-related diseases. Nowadays, skincare scientific research has been dedicated to finding and extracting effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients from plant extracts. The most common ones are salicylic acid extracted from white willow bark, glycyrrhizic acid and glabridin extracted from licorice, bisabolol extracted from chamomile, etc.
It’s widely seen on market that organic skincare products with organic ingredients use the concept of “No Additives " , however, the essence extracted from bamboo is more popular and trusted by consumers, such as Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion. But it’s been a pity that bamboo, as a plant with typically oriental characteristics, has not been established as a domestic brand. For this reason, we specially developed a set of skincare products with the concept of "bamboo extract" and named it “Yuyan Bamboo Extract” .

With Unique Identification

Most of cosmetics that have won international design awards are series products with unique shapes, for they’re not only highly recognized, but also visually pure and comfortable, which reveals the truth of “color embodies the product “

For a good brand, consumers will immediately think of its products and core ingredients at the very first sight of one specific color, for example, YUESAI's main color is red with Ganoderma as core ingredient, Sulwhasoo's main color is gold with ginseng as core ingredient is. Of course, girls’ favorite Armani Red, Dior Star Blue, Estée Lauder Small Brown Bottle, and YSL Small Gold Bars are uniquely recognizable. And this package design is no exception.

Keywords to Unlock the Outer Packaging Design

Since we want to study Chinese women’s skin characteristics, truly understand the beauty needs of Chinese women, and tailor-made beauty products for Chinese women’s skin with high-efficiency natural medicinal plant ingredients, it is necessary to fully extract the characteristics of Chinese women.

Unlock Design Keywords: Heroic, graceful, individual. Considering these admiring characteristics of Chinese women, BXL Polaris Creative Group designers positioned the outer packaging: as gentle and flawless as jade, as valiant and heroic as bamboo.

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