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Everlasting Beauty of Dunhuang Liquor


BXL BA Studio designers have explored an unprecedented and profound Mogao Grottoes journey, mysteriously culture-based before drawing this design inspiration.

According to brand planning and product positioning, designers had a second creation on the subject of flower, without changing Dunhuang’s pattern composition, tone and ideographic relationship. The line composition has mixed mimicry, distortion and exaggeration, with addition and embedding of partial images (just as Mr. Chang Shana added peace doves in Mojing pattern). We added pair of lovebirds symbolizing love into albizia flower, mysterious nine-color deer into mandala, flying-dance-in-the-sky symbolizing freedom into blue lotus, and flame symbolizing light of wisdom into linden blossoms.

It’s a new brand defined by Silk Road's geographical history and consumption scene, which could also be regarded as a declaration liquor brand on Silk Road, a cross-domain liquor brand upending traditional liquor composition model and launching sauce-flavor and robust flavor liquors.

xiangqing (1)
xiangqing (2)
xiangqing (3)
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