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Shredder Skin Care Set

Project: Shredder Skin Care Set

Brand: BXL Creative Packaging

Service: Design

Category: Skincare


Functional skincare products are products specially developed for emergent skin conditions. The designer found that the packaging of functional skincare products on the market was mainly white, making the identification of the product not outstanding. A different prominent color can make the product attract customers at first glance. It can be stylish and meets commercial requirements simultaneously.


More and more people suffer from allergies, their faces will become red, hot, and itchy. A person can treat and prevent their allergies, once they know what is causing them, even though they are annoying when they happen.  Allergies may be especially common on the face because the skin is more sensitive than elsewhere, and because of various face creams and other products people use on their faces. People usually will abandon daily-use products and are eager to find a more effective anti-allergy product. Therefore, a packaging that has an empathy function and more user-aware is very competitive.


"Red Alert Skin Care Set" is a skincare product that suitable for sensitive skin, with the "alarm" as the primary visual symbol. The skin system is like a stable-running machine, an allergy is a sudden hitch. The design idea of the "Red Alarm Skin Care Set" is based on receiving a distress signal from the skin. The whole package uses red and black as the main colors. Red is a warning color, also represents the symptoms on the face when got allergic. The box is in the shape of an alarm light, it also looks like a paper shredder, which symbolizes "break the alarm, return to health," giving consumers an interactive experience.


The bottles are in the shape of capsules, continues the theme and is designed as a round, triangular body, using a pill shape. The color of the bottle body is also red, which will gradually fade according to the using steps, which means that the skin is gradually restored.

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