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Guojiao 1573 Liquor

Project: Guojiao 1573 Liquor

Brand: Guojiao 1573

Service: Design

Category: Liquor


There has never been a color that can be as elegant and popular as red: red silk ball, red dancing silk, red lanterns, mahogany cabinets, red wall, red envelopes, red firecrackers, red inkpad, red flags all over China. This Chinese red is still very stunning when used in modern design.


Therefore, in the packaging design of this Guojiao-1573, the designer has maintained the most classic design features of this brand: a large area of ​​lively red is used, and the color is Chinese red. With the bronzing process, the charm of the motherland is displayed, as if the long river of history flows slowly and vividly. A large area of gold and red complement each other, a strong Chinese style is blowing.


Based on history, the designer created the overall packaging design of "National Cellar" around the two directions of "products of a great country" and "remarkable magnanimity." In the design of the bottle cap, the majestic lion shape is adopted. In an instant, it is like an awakened lion running towards the face, stopping on the ground, looking at the east.


Seventy years of ups and downs entail seventy years of vicissitudes. For this reason, the designer has drawn seven magnificent historical pictures in the form of "number reading" and a 10-year unit system.


Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. Your beauty had never faded, and the mighty power of your territory was everlasting. The 96 stars under the Leo constellation cap are connected and gather together into the 9.6 million square kilometers motherland.


Countless people have witnessed an ancient country from closed to open, standing among the nations of the world and approaching the center of the world stage day by day.


Therefore, the opening door on the packaging shell welcomes visitors from all directions, representing the vision of a generation of Chinese to go to the world.

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