Wu Guang Shi Se Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Project: Wu Guang Shi Se Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brand: Wu Guang Shi Se

Service: Design

Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil


According to the good quality attribute, BXL Creative design team gives the package of the product an orientation: fashion, concise, in line with the taste of young generation.


Super visual symbol extraction

Wu Guang Shi Se is one of the four major oil olive factories in China. Olives being freshly picked and squeezed to ensure quality is a unique feature of the brand. Picking and selecting by hand does not allow any rotten fruits to enter the squeezing process. The acidity of groves are below the national standard (acidity <0.5%), which is very healthy. Designers applied this to the LOGO, highlighting the reliability of the product quality, giving consumers an intuitive sense of impact and reduce the "education cost" for consumers in the early stage of the brand promotion.


Bottle cap design with the shape of olive flower petals

The logo and olive flower petals are graphically combined to highlight the product attributes and finally refined on the bottle cap, giving the packaging visual unity and regularity. The label design simplifies the complexity and highlights the LOGO. The entire super visual symbol retains the brand attributes of hand-picked and freshly squeezed. The lighter and more fashionable design style refines the olive flower shape more concisely and clearly, highlighting the modernity of product packaging.


Independent packaging design with pure background-color

Wu Guang Shi Se extra virgin olive oil is positioned as a mid-to-high-end edible oil. Its packaging should also follow the aesthetic needs of young people. Therefore, the designer of BXL Creative adopted independent sub-bottling and colorful bottle packaging. The color of the bottle is a highlight of this packaging. The bottle body adopts pure background color, four primary colors. The overall visual effect of the combination is more concise and fashionable. It can be matched with gift boxes and gift bags to make the product has feeling of high-end and exquisiteness and make the product more humane.

oil xiangqing (1)
oil xiangqing (2)
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