RealWarm Ready-to-eat  Bird’s Nest

Project: RealWarm Stew-free Birds Nest

Brand: RealWarm

Service: Design

Category: Skincare


Through in-depth research on consumers, BXL Creative redefines the category name Brewing Bird's Nest as Stew-free Bird's Nest, making consumers feel the advantages of the product more intuitively and avoiding the low-end awareness brought by brewing bird's nest. It has opened a new era in the bird's nest industry. At the same time, the market team created the brand slogan, Avoid stewed birds Nest, My Real Warmth, based on the market positioning of this product.


Both traditional bird's nest and instant bird's nest need to be stewed, and nutrients will be lost during the cooking process, and the same is true for stewing. We compared the three different kinds of processing method of bird's nests and discovered the biggest brand equity of RealWarm: it truly realized the stewing-free process, leave no chance for nutrient loss.


To prevent the situation as bird nest category got promoted but consumers not able to remember the brand, therefore encouraged the development of competitors, as a new brand and new product category, RealWarm better to combine the product name and the brand name, and display it to public, so that every time you think of ‘bird's nest,’ you will remember ‘RealWarm,’ and RealWarm is real warm! To make the product packaging fit this selling point, the designers of the BXL Mars Team used the color of porcelain, and fully considered the five dimensions of this color, fragrance, taste, touch, and convenience, making the packaging has a jade-like texture. Simple and warm, yet noble and elegant.


Through the brand empowerment trilogy, we utilized the unique core selling point of Hot Nest to reposition the brewed bird's nest, making it stand out among many bird's nest brands, find its own exclusive direction, and step into the fast lane of bird's nest market development.

Free Stew Hot Nest xiangqing (1)
Free Stew Hot Nest xiangqing (2)
Free Stew Hot Nest xiangqing (3)
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Free Stew Hot Nest xiangqing (5)
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