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RealWarm Ready-to-eat  Bird’s Nest

Through in-depth research on consumers, BXL Creative redefines the category name "Brewing Bird's Nest" to "Ready-to-eat Bird's Nest," through which consumers can directly feel product’s advantages and avoid traditionally low-end awareness brought by brewing bird's nest. It has opened a new era in bird's nest industry. At the same time, the planning team put forward a brand slogan " Ready-to-eat Bird’s Nest, My Real Warmth" based on the product positioning.

In addition, compared with the nutrient loss problem faced by ordinary brewing and traditional bird's nests, " Ready-to-eat Bird's Nest" has a higher degree of nutrient retention. Based on this feature, the planning team proposed a more convincing communication technique: "No stew in the whole process, no chance for nutrient loss."

What if a new category is promoted, but consumers cannot remember the brand but favors the competitor? As a new brand and new product category, RealWarm should connect product name with brand name in advertising campaign so that consumers will immediately think of "RealWarm” when it comes to "Bird's Nest," just like a warm harbor! To make its product packaging speaks for this selling point, BXL Mars Designing Team, by adopting the concept of "Lady Porcelain”, made the packaging with a jade-like texture, simple and warm, yet noble and elegant, from five dimensions of color, fragrance, taste, touch, and convenience.

Through the brand empowerment trilogy, we utilized the unique core selling point of Hot Nest to redefine brewed bird's nest, making it stand out among many bird's nest brands, finding its own way, and stepping into its fast lane on bird's nest market. 

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