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Project: Langfei Liquor

Client: Langfei

Service: Brand & Design

Category: Liquor


With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher requirements for life quality. They hope to realize their yearning for a better life through better material and spiritual consumption.

Langfei, as a symbol of quality, hopes to provide consumers with better taste and spiritual enjoyment through better product quality.



The designer of BXL Creative BA Studio expressed the natural ecology of Helan Mountain with oriental aesthetics and interpreted the Mount. sleeping Buddha, vineyards, and auspicious clouds with aesthetics in Chinese culture. The picture incorporates elements that represent good fortune and good luck, such as peaches , bats, and The blue sheep in Helan Mountain which symbolizes the spirit of courage. It creates a brand new visual expression of wine packaging design.


Good luck

It is said that magpies is a kind of lucky bird who always brings good news .This saying has been popular in China for more than two thousand years .  

The custom of painting magpies to pray for happiness is also prevalent, and there are different ways to paint. The most widely spread one is the picture of magpies on the plum branches, called "Happy Brows." The designers of BA Studio combined elements that represent festive and good luck, such as magpies and flowers, with dark blue as the base, creating a beautiful, straightforward yet stylish picture.


Minyao Dry White wine

In the designing process of this work, BA studio designers used oriental aesthetic design techniques to express the natural ecology of Helan Mountain, visualizing the scene of the vast world where the fish leap on the ocean and the birds fly in the sky,  the blue sheep in Helan Mountain seemed like dancing elves on the mountain. They jumped in the clouds, sprinted on the turbulent sea, crossed the mountains and the sea, followed the rugged mountains to the valleys, and strolled on the hills and rivers.


Minyao Dry Red wine

The most beautiful character and the noblest sentiment should be like water, without words, without contending with the world, but nourishing and benefiting everything. The designer of BA Studio uses traditional design techniques to express abstract water patterns. The greatest benevolence is like water, and the supreme morality is like water, which will cover all things without fighting for fame and fortune.


Guoyao Dry Red Wine

The cultural concept of "Auspicious Clouds" has a history of thousands of years in China. Traditional techniques are applied to express abstract auspicious clouds and refine the most representative Chinese cultural symbols.


Logo design

China's thousands of years of jade culture is extensive and profound, which is reflected in the value and respect of jade, especially a deeper understanding of jade. Jade is a physical expression of Chinese art and spirit. The logo is embellished in the form of Chinese jade, highlighting its temperament and spirit and leading the new visual language expression of the wine category.

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