2023 (6th) China Cosmetic Trends Conference & Clean Beauty Conference

Exclusive views and reflections from BXL, exploring the future of Chinese cosmetics together.

Only by grasping the trend can we win the future, which is the rule of survival and upward growth of enterprises. After "effective skin care", "Clean Beauty" is becoming a new trend in the industry.


On February 13, the "2023 (6th) China Cosmetic Trends Conference", which was held at The Longemont Shanghai, was organized by Chaileedo with the theme of "Clean Beauty", based on international vision and leading the industry.


Mr. Tang Chonghui, Creative Director of BXL, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a speech on "Telling the story of Clean Beauty with creativity" from the field of creative packaging and was interviewed by Chaileedo Media. He gave a speech on the future development trend of "Clean Beauty" and discussed "Clean Beauty" together with domestic and foreign head brands, new brands, OEMs, and dermatology experts.


How to understand "Clean Beauty"?

The definition of "Clean Beauty" was first popular in Europe and the United States, and the Chinese cosmetics industry has gradually taken a place in the development process in recent years.

In addition to focusing on product ingredients, "Clean Beauty" brands also focus on promoting social sustainability. "Clean" is reflected in the raw materials and packaging, the raw materials are safe and effective, and the packaging is more focused on the expression of "purity" from design to implementation.

In the field of creative packaging, what are the main creative trends of "Clean Beauty" packaging? The creative director of Park Star Long shared the following major trends in the interview and forum: 1, pure and environmental protection; 2, Chinese elements; 3, peripheral extension products; 4, creative experience.


First, pure environmental protection

Concern for environmental protection and life is the eternal theme. Environmental protection is the presentation of human civilization and the basis of human development.

The creative packaging how to practice environmental protection? Past sustainable, environmental protection concept we understand is material degradation, in the relationship of environmental protection balance, the current stage of environmental protection in creative packaging we balance to achieve through several ways: material degradation, reuse, design inspiration, packaging space, packaging costs and other dimensions to balance.


In recent years, BXL has cooperated with some international beauty brands in creative packaging, and the Chantilly New Year gift box uses environmentally friendly ink and biodegradable materials, as well as our other creative design works to practice environmental responsibility.


The implementation of environmental concepts is not just the same white and light-colored biodegradable materials, but also a more diverse and innovative presentation that can convey both sustainability and brand identity.


Second, Chinese elements

Heritage + Innovation: New Expression of Chinese Elements


Mr. Tang proposed: the Chinese creative packaging design industry is a good carrier for Chinese cultural heritage, and creative design back to the origin, in addition to consumers, followed by the expression of culture. Although "Clean Beauty" is an imported product, it is a new expression of Chinese elements to tell the brand's product story, which can better resonate with Chinese consumers.

In terms of the use of Chinese elements, it can be said that Catkin has been practicing the heritage of Chinese culture, and the "Catkin - Mountain and Sea Spirit Gift Box" jointly created by Park Star Dragon and Catkin in 2021, draws on the elements of "Mountain and Sea Sutra", condenses the meaning of Oriental aesthetics, interpreting the different colors of the mountains and the sea, and blossoming a new image of personality.


Chinese elements and "Clean Beauty" brand integration, the industry has a long way to go to explore, the brand does not have to fall into the "pure" whirlpool, the Chinese culture and Clean Beauty brand play are very important.


Third, the surrounding extension

For festivals, brand culture as the theme of cultural creation, IP, gifts, and other derivative products, in line with modern aesthetic trends, how to refine the cultural connotation of traditional festivals, artistic value, and its integration with the product content to enhance the added value of the brand, including cultural value and market value, is the need to constantly think about the link.


Fourth, creative experience

Creativity makes the product interactive with consumers

"How to use creativity to enhance user experience " also requires long-term research and optimization. In recent years, many brands began to seek more breakthroughs in product sales, trying to use the product to stimulate emotional resonance, so that consumers get a deeper multi-sensory experience, such as changing the pattern style and creating "small organs" interaction on the outer box. From the smell, touch, and visual surroundings to create a "sense of atmosphere" to drive the purchase behavior.


Among them, there are brands like Dr. Ailing. In 2021, BXL created Dr. Ailing Mid-Autumn Gift Box, the illustration device inside the box is an exploration card in the form of a flashlight, which can interestingly interact with consumers, meaning to explore the future and stand out by creating surprises for consumers.


"Good product = good quality + good packaging + good story."


At the scene, the creative director of BXL, Mr. Tang, proposed that good quality, a good story, plus good packaging, to create a good product, and finally with the effective channels and promotion methods of beauty companies, to come out of their own unique brand product road.

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The above is the dry sharing of the "2023 (6th) Cosmetic Trend Conference" by Tang Chonghui, the creative director of Park Star Dragon, who is always committed to telling a good beauty product story with creativity. and balance.

In the development and design of new products in the future, BXL will keep researching "Clean Beauty" packaging innovation, further exploring sustainable development initiatives from design to packaging implementation to overall creativity, and allowing every consumer who buys our products to participate in the pursuit of "purity" together.


Interview with Mr. Tang, Creative Director of BXL, by Chaileedo

The Chinese beauty market is now in the most diverse and complex business environment, and many potential needs of Chinese consumers need to be filled, which implies that only the most creative business structure can satisfy the Chinese companies that are the best at making miracles. long-term returns.

Post time: Feb-28-2023

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