Why is gift box customization loved by customers?

When most customers buy a product, the first thing they see is not the product, but the outer packaging; if your gift box looks inconspicuous and ordinary, the possibility of being ignored is high, so that people will have a glimpse of it. So what exactly is it that is loved by customers, let’s find out together.

1.Color distribution and reconciliation: do packaging planning must understand what colors are suitable for distribution, do not put on the same chart, combined with product characteristics and their own color allocation is better, there will be no sense of incongruity.

2.The proper use of elements: some elements are commonly used in packaging gift box planning to make the picture high-grade and beautiful. If the elements are used properly, they can not only add points to the picture, but also highlight the style of the product.

3.Clear text: text is an indispensable part of the packaging, most of the information can be directly transmitted to the public, the text needs to be clear and clear at a glance, so as to express the complete thing can be transmitted to customers.

4.Material with texture: when this box is held in the hand, the raw material is part of the beginning, the packaging material with good texture must be very popular, the whole product is valuable.

5.Good experience: most of the products in the gift box, from the first step: open the box, the beginning of an excellent experience, from the beginning of the open, to quite an order, with curiosity to open, beautiful inside the appearance of course, also good.

Different gift boxes have its different aesthetics, different personalities will choose different styles of gift boxes, different vision, just like the gift box will be different. Gift box style can have what, how can all meet the needs of customers.

Post time: Nov-05-2021

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