A Milestone Achieved: China BXL Creative Packaging Embraces Intelligent Manufacturing

On October 17, 2023, the topping-out ceremony of the BXL Creative Packaging Intelligent Manufacturing Production and Construction Project was successfully completed in Huizhou City, China!


Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee and Deputy Director of Management Committee of Huinan Science and Technology Park of Zhongkai Hi-Tech Zone, Tang Qiaoming, Member of Party Committee and Deputy Director of Management Committee, Guan Yaotang, Chairman of Parkstar Dragon, Zhao Guoyi, Vice-Chairman and President, Zhao Guoxiang, and other middle and senior leaders, Continuous Supervisory Unit, Zhang Yuchong, Managing Director of Investment Banking Headquarters of South China Region of IFC, Zhou Wendi, Managing Director of Investment Department of Zhongshan Securities for Growth Enterprises, Deng, Senior Partner of Cinda Law Firm Hai Biao, Huang Huaiyong, General Manager of Yu Cheng Construction Project, the contractor, and other leaders, partners, and all members of the project attended this ceremony to witness this important moment and celebrate the topping out!


This moment marked a significant step towards the expansion of BXL's production scale and symbolizes their commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry, continuously innovating, and ensuring high-quality packaging solutions for their clients.
By introducing advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment and technology, BXL aims to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve the long-awaited goal of informatization, automation, and intelligence in the production process.
After the completion of the project, the second phase of the BXL factory will have nearly 84,000 square meters of modern factory and advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment. Through the integration of cutting-edge equipment and technology, the company is taking a leap toward optimization, eliminating potential bottlenecks, and enhancing overall production capacity to meet the mid to high-end consumer brands, such as alcohol, cosmetics, tea, food, luxury goods, and other customers for creative packaging products of ever-increasing precision and quality requirements.


In addition to the internal benefits, intelligent manufacturing aligns with the global shift towards sustainability. By optimizing material usage, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing waste, the creative packaging industry can significantly reduce its environmental footprint. BXL's commitment to intelligent manufacturing demonstrates its dedication to environmental protection, contributing to a more sustainable future.
Standing on the new starting point of development, Zhao Guoyi, Chairman of BXL Creative Packaging Co., Ltd. said in his speech: "In the future, BXL will adhere to the strategic positioning of localization, intelligence, and automation of Huizhou factory, upgrade it to a new type of intelligent factory that leads the industry, introduce domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, and set up a team of high-level technical talents."
Let's look forward to the more brilliant achievements of BXL in the new journey!


Post time: Oct-19-2023

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