BXL wins two awards in 2023 First Moutai MBD Design Competition

Recently,the 2023 First Moutai MBD Design Competition and the Cultural and Creative Design Special Competition came to a successful conclusion.BXL’s original cultural and creative product designs of”Dragon Boat Festival and Wellbeing Season”and”New Year’s Fortune Season”respectively won the 2023 First Moutai MBD Cultural and Creative Design Special Competition Team Category Artwork Award,Individual Category Meiyun Award.


On January 12,the 2023 First Moutai MBD Design Competition Award Ceremony and Award-winning Works Exhibition were held at Zunyi Moutai International Hotel,where the award-winning works were displayed and commended.

BXL won the double award in this competition,which not only recognized BXL’s design capabilities,but also once again proved BXL’s strength in the cultural and creative field.


In the future,BXL will continue to adhere to the concepts of innovation and excellence,provide more brands with high-quality product creation and professional creative design services to help achieve greater success in market competition.We look forward to working with you to create more interesting products.Amazing design work.


The MBD(Moutai Beauty Design)design competition is sponsored by Moutai Group and hosted by Moutai Industrial Design Center.It is a professional design competition focusing on wine design.It is also the highest honor award for Moutai design.

The 2023 First Moutai MBD Cultural and Creative Design Competition,as a sub-project of the Moutai MBD Design Competition,is the first cultural and creative product design competition initiated and sponsored by an enterprise in the industry for the cultural tourism and wine industries.The competition takes”beautiful times,beautiful life”as the main design line,fully integrates Moutai’s nine cultural series of”people,culture,history,objects,art,etiquette,festivals,harmony,and utensils”into product design,and continuously contributes to Moutai’s”beautiful products”Inject new cultural connotation and vitality.

Post time: Jan-17-2024

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