BXL won two “Star of the World” design awards

Good news is frequent,and good news is constant! In 2024,BXL received good news from overseas again.Two creative packaging design works by BXL team.Gujinggong Wine-(Liquor) and Xi Wine(Liquor) Stand out from many excellent works.Won the”Star of the World”Design Award.Once again won the applause of the world.


“World Star”is one of the top honors in the global packaging industry,which aims to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of packaging art and create international packaging standards that keep pace with the times. Selected by the World Packaging Organization (WPO), BXL has won this international design award for its outstanding creativity and exquisite design skills.This honor is not only an affirmation of the hard work of Bo Xinglong’s team, but also a recognition of its continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence in the field of packaging design.

BXL,which has always been guided by originality,has never stopped on the road of innovative design.Let’s enjoy this award-winning work together.



Nature is the best designer,and this bottle design uses bionic techniques to express it.Through the stone mechanism material to represent the land,transparent and zigzag glass to represent running water. It not only highlights the purity of product ecology,but also accords with the allusion of”the beginning of meandering water”.


This product creativity aims to reflect the brand culture at the same time, explore new ways of environmental protection, low-carbon environmental protection design from the inside to the outside, and skillfully take into account the dual needs of packaging information transmission and low-carbon environmental protection at the same time, to create products more simple, environmentally friendly unique creativity and sustainable green packaging design.


So far, the BXL honor list has been refreshed again, but we will not stop there, the new honor is the new spur, winning the award is not just a result, but a new beginning.We will continue to explore the infinite possibilities of packaging design and combine art and technology to bring more surprises to consumers.
BXL believes that good design can tell brand stories, enhance brand image, and contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.Thanks to the World Packaging Organization (WPO) for the affirmation and support of BXL.We will always take “striving to become the first brand of Chinese creative packaging and the well-known brand of international creative packaging” as the vision, constantly surpass ourselves and realize the design dream.In the future, BXL will continue to work with global partners to promote the prosperity and development of the packaging design industry.


Post time: Feb-01-2024

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