BXL Creative makes a wonderful debut at Shanghai luxury Packaging Exhibition

On April 10, the 16th Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition (LUXEPACK SHANGHAI) officially opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. As a global benchmark in the field of luxury packaging, the Luxury Packaging Exhibition has always attracted much attention, and this year it has gathered even more… More than 200 selected exhibitors will open a new market for the luxury packaging industry in 2024 with a more professional and forward-looking perspective.


As a listed creative design enterprise, BXL Creative has long-term cooperation with relevant brand customers in the global luxury goods field, including Moutai Culture and Tourism, Yanghe Group, BVLGARI, GUCCI, BOTTEGA VENETA, L’OREAL, LANCOME, Juzi Biotech, Chow Tai Sang, Chow Sang Sang, etc.

As in previous years, BXL made a wonderful appearance at this luxury packaging exhibition in a unique and trendy way, bringing together original and outstanding creative works at home and abroad, bringing more creative imagination and surprises to the visitors!

Now, let us follow the footsteps and review the wonderful moments on the first day of this Luxury Packaging Exhibition!


How to create packaging with a unique sense of creativity in the global market requires conforming to the trend of the times and closely following the psychological structure of consumers in order to create a successful and unconventional high-end luxury product experience.


This year, BXL relied on the charm of high-quality and wonderful works to create a collision of ideas and a visual feast of creative design, attracting many visitors to the booth to visit and negotiate.

Continuous innovation is the core of this exhibition.

Many brands have also gradually realized that consumers have a growing demand for sustainable products, and are constantly exploring on the road of originality and innovation! In addition to our carefully crafted sustainable creative design works, BXL has advanced production equipment and technology to ensure that every production link reaches the highest quality standards. At the same time, the active use of environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving technologies has injected new vitality into the luxury packaging industry.


At the exhibition, the audience stopped at BXL’s exhibition area to discuss Bai Xinglong’s packaging designs that are full of creativity, sophistication and connotation. Many viewers said that BXL’s creativity is not only eye-catching, but also deeply rooted in people’s hearts, giving people a strong sense of identity and belonging to the brand.

Not only product creativity, this luxury packaging exhibition, the BXL exhibition hall has also received more attention from many media. Among them, the well-known media in the beauty industry, “Beauty.com”, focused on green packaging and experience, etc. The general manager of BXL International Business Department Ye Amin conducted a thematic interview and at the same time showed the public more creative packaging possibilities.


Post time: Apr-15-2024

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