Lady M Mooncake box

The 2019 packaging design for Lady M mooncake box animates Eastern cultural images through a device called zoetropes. Customers spin the body of a cylinder to observe a sequential movement of a leaping rabbit that progresses with the changing phases of the moon.

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The cylinder of the packaging represents the shape of a circular reunion, unity and gathering together.  The eight pieces of Mooncakes (eight being a very lucky number in Eastern cultures) and the fifteen arches represent the date of the Mid-Autumn Festival, August 15th. The royal-blue tones of the packaging are inspired by the colors of the crisp Autumn night sky in order to allow customers to experience the majesty of the heavens in their homes. While spinning the zoetrope, the golden foiled stars begin to twinkle as they catch the reflection of light. A dynamic movement of the moon’s phases represents the moment of harmonious unions for Chinese families. In Chinese folklore, it is said the moon is the brightest and the most complete circle at this day, a day for family reunions.

By creating a unifying family experience, this design seamlessly merged the meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival into this charming keepsake.

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Post time: Mar-17-2022

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