Packaging Design Strategies

1、The packaging design should be highly identical to the brand strategy. Product packaging is very concrete. Packaging design is the need to transform strategic concepts into visual language that consumers can quickly recognize. The strategy for consumers to get to the brand is the first step to success.

Packaging Design Strategies

2、Designing differentiated visual weather packaging is the core communication carrier of the brand, and a set of personalized brand visual system packaging is a powerful sales target. Differentiated packaging vision can strengthen consumers' purchasing power. Differentiation is reflected in the difference with competing categories/brands, the difference with traditional minds.

Packaging Design Strategies(1)

3、Elements that add super symbols to packaging Super symbols are the visual hammer of the brand, super symbols are super creativity, and super symbols are super sales power. The packaging by the super rich is the successful packaging. The super symbol can be a pattern, a bottle shape, or a color that opens up new ways. It can highly represent the atmosphere of the brand.

Packaging Design Strategies(2)

4、Packaging should pay attention to consumer experience. Consumer experience starts from seeing the package. From seeing, touching, opening to taking out the item, the whole process is the consumer experience. In the process of packaging design, we will start more from the consumer's standpoint, which can be lunch, warm, or joyful. 

Packaging Design Strategies(3)

5. To make full use of packaging copywriting. When designing, many designers spend most of their energy on graphic design, and they miss the purpose of copywriting. Packaging is not only the communicator of brand price, or the amplifier of brand value, good advertising slogans are directly in the people's mood, can inspire resonance, generate price recognition, and excite transactions.

6. Packaging is a very good advertising space for a brand. Packaging is a tense point of contact between the brand and consumers. For brands that do not have more advertising budgets, packaging is an advertising space that is very worthwhile to use. It is an important means of creating added value of goods, building brand civilization, and shaping brand atmosphere. It is also a very useful weapon for brand communication. In the design, the core information needs to be planned, and the primary and secondary information is reflected in the layout.

Post time: Nov-14-2021

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