Soda Packaging Design And Branding


This soda created by BXL Creative is full of fun, from logo to packaging design to brand image.

In recent years, soda has become a hit in the industry, attracting more attention while more and more brands are joining the market.

BXL always believes that a good product must study the consumers and the market, and only by impressing the consumers can our products move virtuously.


BXL brand strategist got the inspiration according to the market research: the recovery of beverage industry and the rise of new consumption has created a favorable environment for the recovery of soda, innovate the product and marketing model to create a product that exceeds consumers’ expectation value. Strive to open the market at the fastest speed. On the other hand, accelerate the frequency of new products, the pace of new product development must exceed the rapid changes in the market.


The BXL brand strategy team explored the brand characteristics to realize the brand value.

Firstly, BXL brand strategists quickly targeted the target group and deeply analyzed the consumer preferences. In order to create healthy products for consumers and their preferences.

Positioned in the middle and high-end juice, the main channels are planned in restaurants, convenience stores, bakeries, nightclubs, bars, theaters, KA, etc., to bring a different new experience to young consumers.


Retro label design

The color of the labels of the 80s was simple, mainly red, yellow and green, and mostly used the element of floating ribbon.


Container shape design

The packaging material is glass bottle, which is convenient to retain the good taste, environmental protection and beautiful; the overall bottle shape is tall and thin, with a raised shape at the neck to distinguish it from other bottle types; the lower part of the bottle is closed inward, which is convenient to grip, beautiful and ergonomic at the same time.



Taste extension

Different packaging methods are used for different consumer needs, and thee soft drink has different packaging forms in different consumer channels.

Restaurant: glass bottle


Convenience stores and e-commerce: easy-pull cans



Post time: Mar-08-2022

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