BXL Creative Won Four A’Design Awards

A'Design Award is the world's leading international annual design competition. It is an international competition recognized by the International Federation of Graphic Design Associations, ICOGRADA, and the European Design Association, BEDA. It aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs, design concepts, and design-oriented products worldwide in all creative disciplines and industries; helping contestants to attract the attention of media, publishers, and buyers; increasing their popularity and reputation; encouraging them to launch excellent designs, thereby creating a better future.


Through this list, you can learn which countries are leading the world in the fields of interior design, fashion design, and industrial design. You can also learn more about different designers from countries and regions, understand how their latest works promote modern design development.

At the same time, A'Design Award projects provide the opportunity to publish works worldwide. The organizing committee will also help creative designers and start-up companies meet investors to realize their product ideas.


Xiaohutuxian Xinyouran Wine Boxes by Bxl Jupiter Team


The “xinyou ran” is an old brand, the brand culture is wisdom, wisdom is the best representative of the book, in China there is a very Chinese book - bamboo slips, in the absence of ancient paper, the Chinese use bamboo slips to record text, spread wisdom. We made the liquor box into a bamboo slip. It was a direct expression of wisdom. We designed the opening of the liquor box in the same way as the bamboo slip. The opening of the liquor box was like opening a book full of wisdom.


Wulianghong Liquor Packaging by Sisi Don


The design is inspired by the screen, the traditional Chinese furniture. Designers inject Chinese red (national color), embroidery (national art), and peony (national flower) into the package by a combination of techniques, illustrating great Chinese beauty.

Bancheng Longyin Mountains White Wine Bottles by Yuejun Chen


According to the artistic conception of Chinese landscape and ink painting, the product is transformed from a landscape painting into a chinese-style artistic conception entity with Chinese Zen charm. With the round as its basic form, the mountain with overlapping peaks as its theme contains all things, thus expressing the harmonious and friendly culture, the Chinese Oriental Culture, and propagating and promoting the Chinese culture.

Jing Yang Chun Wu Yun Liqueur Packing Boxes Protection by Bxl Jupiter Team


Water Margin, one of the four classics, outlines many lifelike images of ancient heroes with its superb artistic strokes. One of them is that Wu Song killed the tiger. It is said that Wu Song drank eight bowls of spirits before the adventure, breaking the merchant's "three bowls don't pass the mountain" propaganda


Up to now, BXL Creative's list of awards has been refreshed again. It has won 73 international design awards, but we will not stop here. New honors are new spurs. Prizes are not just a result, but a fresh start.

Thank you, A'DESIGN, for your affirmation and support to us! We will always challenge ourselves, make products prevalent because of creative design, and make life better because of innovation.

Post time: Dec-25-2020

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