BXL Creative Won Three iF Design Awards

After three days of intense discussion, testing and evaluation for 7,298 entries from 56 countries, 78 design experts from 20 countries selected the final winners of the 2020 iF Design Award.


BXL Creative has 3 creative works won the iF Design Award: "Tianyoude Highland Barley liquor, Private Collection Manor Tea, Bancheng Shaoguo liquor-Mingyue Collection", which stood out from more than 7,000 entries and won the IF Design Award.


IF Design Award was founded in 1953 and is held annually by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum, the oldest industrial design institution in Germany. All the winners of this year will be commended and celebrated together in Berlin on the evening of May 4, 2020.


The splendid iF design night will be held for the first time in Friedrichstadt-Palas, the world’s largest event stage. At the same time, the winning works will be displayed at Café Moskau in Berlin from May 2 to 10, 2020. The exhibition will be open to many design-lover to visit.


Tianyoude highland barley liquor comes from the original ecological environment of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The polution-free environment provides Tianyoude with a concept of purity. The package was inspired by India’s leaves tableware, and uses "one leaf" as the shape to express the ecological and environmental-protection idea: presenting that it is a kind of liquor made from ecological pollution-free raw materials.


Private Collection Manor Tea is a tea packaging developed for the target people who love to drink tea and collect tea. The overall creative concept of the packaging design is developed around the idea of "collected tea". Fine tea takes time to be brewed. The whole picture shows the good environment of the deep forest manor where the tea is grown. For this reason, this kind of tea can only be obtained through layers of opening, corresponding the core concept of collected tea.


The Bancheng Shaoguo liquor-Mingyue Collection originated from the first-phase design theme activity of the Venus Creative Team-the golden exclamation mark, hoping to express people's emotions towards nature and marvel at the beauty of nature through the power of design. The Venus Creative Team used the purity of the bright moon, the dazzling starry sky, the magnificence of the mountains and rivers, the depth of the earth, and the tenacity of life as the propositions to create. Through layers of depth, they finally chose this entry for this competition.


We have always believed that creative design is extremely important to products.

Up to now, BXL Creative's list of prizes has been refreshed again. It has won 66 international design awards. But we will not stop there. prizes are new spurs. Awards are not just a result, but a new start.

BXL Creative will always adhere to the vision of "committed to becoming China's No. 1 creative packaging brand and a well-known international creative packaging brand", constantly surpassing itself, letting products marketing well due to creative design, and making life better due to creative design.

Post time: Dec-24-2020

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